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Originally Posted by ioannis214 View Post
Hi there

It took me longer than I anticipated but it is worh it at the end. The OBDII cable took longer to arrive, it took me longer to set the computer up and communicating with the car and it took me a long time to find out which ECU modules have which option and which ones I needed to change.

Anyway, I did finally manage yesterday to enablethe 3-blink indicator signal and also enable alarm beep when locking or unlocking the car ! The interesting thing here is that I don't have an alarm... as far as I know, since I bought the car used and nobody told me about an alarm! Is it possible that there is an alarm in there and I don't know... anything that I could look for that would suggest an alarm present or not??

In any case, since I'm at the beginning of learning the coding options in my car, does anyone have a list for the E83??? I haven't been able to find one out and have been trying to use one from an E46, which in most parts is similar, but there are differences.

You might want to code:

- sidemarker delete (front amber corner lights are off when your parklights/headlights are on)
- turn off chime when you open door with key in ignition
- close windows/sunroof and fold power sidemirrors using remote
- open windows/sunroof and unfold power sidemirrors using remote
- remove disclaimer on your navigation during initial startup
- lock your doors at certain speed (10mph, 20mph etc)
- turn on/off your daytime running lights (dimmed high beam only)
- a/c display will show "LO" when you put temperature all the way down and will show "HI"
when you turn it all the way up instead of just the number showing.

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