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I'm also an E60->F10 owner and I think the F10 is a far better drive. I'm not a particular fan of the aesthetics, but that's a different issue.

I think once one understands how the electronic steering works and why there is no gyroscopic feedback, the F10 just handles better than the E60. The steering is more precise and the suspension is a LOT better.

More importantly, the dynamic handling is a giant leap forward from the E60.
BMW traditionalists lament the loss of mechanical roadfeel, but that is NOT what the BMW driving paradigm is about these days. The paradigm is about dynamic handling. That is, the car should adapt to a broad range of driving styles and conditions.
So if I'm driving in the city I don't want stiff, mechanical road feel or a steep throttle curve. I want ultra damp suspension that chews up uneven pavement, lighter steering, and a flatter acceleration curve.
If I'm driving on a freeway commute I want stiffer suspension and steering at speed.
If I'm cranking alpine turns I need even more throttle response and steering feedback.

The F10 doesn't have the mechanical roadfeel of the E60 (which didn't have the mechanical roadfeel of the E39). But it has WAY better dynamic range in handling. Flip a switch and you can feel everything dampen or stiffen immediately. It is the ability to drive 3 or 4 different cars by flipping one control, depending on conditions and style.

This may not satisfy the 1% enthusiast crowd whom BMW doesn't mind losing to Porsche or other brands. But BMW understands far better than most on this enthusiast-oriented board that the target demographic for the 5-series is one that uses the vehicle for a broad range of activities from the frequent mundane commute to the occasional sport driving. And the car is tailored to address that dynamic range of driving styles and conditions.

They also understand that BMW's are no longer driven primarily on autobahn or the smooth American freeways of yore. They are now driven in Indonesia, China, Brazil, Russia, India, and other global markets where road conditions, driving styles and vehicle use varies a lot. And importantly, where fuel prices and therefore fuel efficiency matters a LOT. This is not just an issue of US CAFE regulations. Environmental regulation and consumer preferences matter a lot to BMW owners around the world.

In this dynamic respect the F10 is a FAR better vehicle than the E60. You may miss the E60 on the 1% of days when you're on a track or a true high performance situation (and even that is arguable I think), but it will be an incomparable ride for the 99% range of driving conditions you will find yourself in. The Ultimate Driving Machine is no longer about a static, predictable, mechanical track feel but rather about addressing a tailored and dynamic range of driving. Traditionalists might not like the paradigm, but I think it's inane to dismiss it as a betrayal of BMW values.

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