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Originally Posted by schraderade View Post
Fun is plenty important. But what is fun sport driving for a 1% enthusiast is very different from what is fun sport driving for the 99% owner demographic. Guess who BMW is going to listen to

Mike, I've seen the videos. I think you are missing the point. Also, the audi is not smoking the others have pointed out the differences are marginal. The point is, BMW users spend less than 1% of their time on tracks so the videos are irrelevant (beyond their marketing vaue) for 99% of BMW driving. The car is designed to address the dynamic range of the 99% and not the 1%. This doesn't make it a Lexus. That 99% has different performance parameters and BMW has optimized for performance in that driving range. It means using electronics to create adjustable isolation so that drivers who don't want a bone jarring ride through the city can tune up isolation and dampness.

BMW is trying to give drivers a set of golf clubs instead of a single, well tuned 3 wood. That requires electronics. I think that makes it a better car. Plenty of options out there for drivers who want static road feel and mechanical handling, but I don't begrudge BMW for broadening it's engineering goals to include global preferences, environmental sensitivity, etc. The drive feels way better and better tailored to me than the E60.

There is nothing new with this discussion btw. Authors still argue vehemently that the typewriter provides better feel than a word processor. And the pen provides better feel than a typewriter. That's the enthusiast's prerogative, but in the real world it's pretty irrelevant! People vote with their pocketbooks.

This is the march of technology, plain and simple. Over time, the electronics will get better and will emulate the feel of old fashioned fun with higher fidelity. Or we will change our perspective of what fun is. To remind me of driving fun in its simplest form, I keep a Honda S2000 in my garage. It doesn't get driven a lot (in fact, the battery just died on me). I did drive it a few weeks ago, and when I did, I found it harsh and unyielding, so coddled am I in my synthetic-fun daily driver.

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