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Originally Posted by beewang View Post
This is were i get to say:

"...I told you so!!..."

16 hrs to go to make this one official

Oh yeah, make sure you buy some Netflix... and AMZN in this fire sale...
GOOG and the other two are different animals. I would be on burnt if I bought the rest. I have bought 1 contract of NFLX put when it's at 300 however, will see how it goes when it reports next week. It will only be a small loss for me if it goes up, but the return could be pretty good.

I've been debating to get into the GOOG call option and decided to pass. I knew it would be a major swing but was not confident which way it goes - downside because of the additional headcount and possible disappointment (simply meet expectations); upside because of Google+ gaining momentum and possible beat.

One of those could have, should have. Oh well...
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