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Dunno about fitting bixenons to xenon cars. At a minumum, the LCM needs to be replaced (it wont have the right pins to activate the shutter solenoids). This might be possible, but would require extensive research. I have a bixenon LCM (light switch) that I'd sell you for cheap if you want to try it. PM me if interested.

The headlights themselves would be relatively simple to retrofit, just swap the housing innards and the front lens.

Actually, if you dont mind losing your inner flash to pass circuit on the highbeams this could be done pretty easily - just route the high beam +ve lead to the bixenon shutter socket. Should work fine... I might be able to whip up a circuit to keep the flash to pass too. PM me for more detail, I need to think a bit.

The DIY is done and will be posted this afternoon. It took longer to author than to actually do!

Originally Posted by RKT BMR
Scott -- any insight/advice on what is involved for a car that already has the older single-mode xenons (i.e. not bi-xenons)?