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Originally Posted by romeofrosty View Post
"Nit-picking"? Wanting a new car with less than 2,000 miles to work as it should is not nit-picking. These systems should work properly. Period. We're not talking about minor subjective interior flaws, or complaining about one headlight being 1/8 of an inch higher than the other, etc.
These systems should, using the phrase BMW likes to espouse, "operate as designed".
When I wrote that I didn't mean you specifically with "nit picking". I mean it's all over the forums. Small things that don't amount to a lot at times. Granted they shouldn't occur, but some "problems" are somewhat liveable, IMO. Sometimes it's worse to keep harping on a dealer to fix something because they'll tear it apart and make things worse. My nav arrow comes back 1 time after I arrive at my destination even though I disengaged navigation ahead of time. Is this perfect? No, but it isn't killing me. I'm not going to mention it to the dealer -- I don't want a software upgrade that will probably make things worse.

I am sorry that you are having the issues with the new car, I know it can be frustrating. I hope they work it out for you. BMW obviously sent out a bad fix, now they'll have to get another fix out. The tip-in problem you first mentioned should go away after a couple hundered miles, as it did for me and many other F10 owners. Let the car settle in and see what happens -- as I said, I would be most concerned about the vibration you mentioned.
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