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First check the oil pressure switch. It is located under the vacuum pump on the block. You DO NOT have to remove the vacuum pump to get to it. I used a larger deep socket that fit right over the switch once the connector was unpluged. It came right out. You will know if its the cause of your leak because as soon as you unplug the connector more oil will leak out and the wire loom will be full of oil. This is the cheaper repair and should take less than a hour. I took me about that long start to finsh and cleaning all the oil off the engine and belts. I can maybe take pictures tomorrow if you need them. Here is the TIS for the oil pressure switch.

Once the oil pressure switch is replaced and if that doesnt fix your problem move on to the vacuum pump. Like HerbP said the seal is what normally goes bad but I just replaced the entire unit. That should also take less than a hour. Good luck!

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