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You need to make sure the wheels are completely dry. I think the instructions included that bit, so if you followed them to the letter, I am at a loss. Many of us like to do multiple light coats, though I've never done more than two myself. I give them say 15 min or so in between applications.

This stuff doesn't cure brake dust, it just makes it better. I haven't watched the included vids above, but I know people have done half a wheel, and after however many days, they says it's almost like black vs white. I suppose you could try a similar test, and perhaps you might be satisfied knowing it at least helps out. (We would be curious if it didn't.)

The only other thing I've used is Rejex, but I find AA to work better, and with much, much less effort. Some folks start with the Rejex, and then on to AA layers on top. I believe Rejex says 12 hours should be a full cure.

I would like to try some Opti-Coat one day, maybe on lights too besides the wheel, but it's a pretty penny at $60 for a little syringe or something.

You might look towards ceramic pads in the future, when they need changing (or even prematurely). A track instructor here said that ceramics have just as much initial stopping power, for something like a couple of panic stops. It's just after repeated hard braking that they lose performance; they are compromised by higher temperatures and thus will not be found on race tracks. For people like us, they could be a welcome product.

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