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What to do??!!!!

Okay so i believe that my transmissoin is bad but i cant necessarily verify it atm.. It gets stuck in 3rd gear i believe its an automatic with a little over 135k. on the freeway ill be at 4000rpms and be goin 60mph yeah so i dont ever ride on the freeway as of now or in general i dont like to take my car anywhere. when i go past a certain speed i get a sign on my dash that looks like a gear with an ( ! ) ive been told my trannys been going out and i cant really do much to fix it? Any help suggestions or comments would be nice on what i should do im lookin into a 5 speed swap right now. Should i try and change my transmission fluids or what?
Help!!!!!! Yeah.... is my transmission going out or what? Hopefully its just the fluids debating if i should hop on changing it asap like today LMK asap!!! THanks
Oh and its a 1994 325is with 135k just a little over
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