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Hi guys, i have been following this thead for a while and would like to contribute with my findings. Long story short my car was dead every morning but my AC controls worked fine. I suspected the FSU from researching the problem, prior to finding this thread i ordered a FSU from ebay.

Ebay FSU

Part Brand: Hamburg Technic Germany
Manufacturer Part Number: 64 11 6 923 204 / 64116923204
Got the FSU and installed, solved my battery drain for 4 days then the drain returned. Stay away from this POS, i should of known better for the price but he had good feeback so i gave it the benefit of the doubt.

Ordered another FSU but this time from Mark @ EACTUNING
On the catalog they had the BEHR and "OEM BMW" i went for the OEM BMW one that costed $67 vs the BEHR at $61. I was hoping that the OEM was the Sitronic one and i just want to confirm that its the one i received and i installed and so far no battery drain. So if anybody wants the Sitronic one you can get from him at a great price.
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