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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Just curious ... do you think these 'clues' support the excellent hypothesis above?
Yes. PVC and other plastics, over time, lose their flexibility and crack. A short length of new wire doesn't always exhibit a lot of twisting in the wire strands.

If the problem is caused, as some have suggested, by excessive tension on a harness that's too short, then why do all of the wires seem to break at the same point? They're breaking there because that's where the bundle folds every time the trunk is opened and closed.

I think the more constructive question than "what's the mode of failure?" is "what's the practical way to fix it?" I hope my discussions of materials and methods have been helpful in this regard. The average 'Festers probably are a little bit curious as to why it happens, but they'd also like to fix the problem as efficiently as possible and go on with their lives.

Also, since we're in a thread I started, I'll give a brief update and say that the new wires are still going strong six months after I rebuilt the harness.

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