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Originally Posted by balance View Post
tkelsb, I had close to 140k miles on mine when I changed the fluid, and my transmission is still shifting perfectly at 207k miles.

I would not do a flush on any transmission that has not had the fluid changed for 100k miles. What I would do on yours is just drop the pan, which will take about 1/3 to 1/2 of the fluid out of the transmission, and just refill it with new fluid after changing the filter. This should give you about a 50/50 mix of new and old fluid, and this is what I would recommend on any car that has been driven more than 100k miles since the last transmission service. I have heard horror stories of transmissions failing shortly after flushing or replacing the tranny fluid, but I've done this many times on many cars and have never had a transmission problem that was caused by changing the fluid.
Yeah thanks for the help guys, I am starting to believe that just changing the fluid and filter with a simple pan drop and magnet cleaning is the way to go. This would not be a shock to the system and the fluid would pull and circulate better through a clean filter. Many people seem to say just change partial and if you want change more fluid later.

I've had the same luck too with other cars and had good results too. What kind of fluid did you use and how many liters?

Also what process did you use to refill the fluid?
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