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Originally Posted by edjack View Post
You need a BMW-specific scan tool
Long ago, we listed all the known fault codes in the canonical ABS control module thread.

Is that good enough for the OP?

Originally Posted by bluebee
BMW ABS/ASC Bosch 5.7 Table of error codes:
5 Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
6 Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor
7 Front Left Wheel Speed Sensor
14 Solenoid Valve Relay (check fuses 17 & 33)
15 Pressure Sensor/Pump Error
21 Module Memory Failure - ABS/ASC module is faulty
23 Incorrect Coding - ABS/ASC module is faulty
24 Wrong Impulse
30 Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
31 Open Right Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
32 Open Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor
33 Open Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor
50 Right Front Outlet Valve - ABS/ASC module is faulty
51 Left Rear Outlet Valve - ABS/ASC module is faulty
54 Left Front Inlet Valve - ABS/ASC module is faulty
55 ASC Intake Valve - ABS/ASC module is faulty
58 Gear Box Control Unit (CAN bus error)
59 DMER1 (CAN bus error)
61 Steering Angle Sensor Identification
66 Speed Sensor Voltage Supply
67 Intermittent Interference
75 Engine Speed Fault from DME
81 Pressure Sensor
82 Open Yaw Rate Sensor
86 ASC Cut-off Valve Rear Axle
88 Precharge Pump
89 Low Voltage
90 Temporary System Deactivation
94 DDE Fault/Yaw rate sensor
97 Steering Angle Sensor
10 Brake Light Switch
108 SN Control
112 Open CAN to Instrument Cluster
114 Pressure Sensor Offset
117 Brake Light Switch Failure
118 DME Status-Internal Error
However, the OP should be advised that the fancy schmancy scan tools often (if not always) report erroneous faults (e.g., the errant P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction or the errant 51 brake pressure sensor codes, both of which I had and both of which were dead wrong).

See why in this often-repeated explanation of the problem with the fancy schmancy diagnostic tools!
Originally Posted by bill 540iman
The main point is that any diagnostic equipment that does not test by going between the sensors and the module simply can not definitively see a bad module from a bad sensor. It is as simple as stating that a blood pressure cuff can not diagnose whether high blood pressure reading at a cuff is because of a faulty heart or a clotted artery. You must somehow get readings I suspect (certainly not a Dr.!) between the heart valves or whatever you do to isolate. If your Indy or dealer hooks up to your OBDII port or your 20 pin and definitively tells you that you have a bad wheel speed sensor, that person is full of doo-doo. Only thing you can diagnose correctly 100% of the time from either of these two points is a bad module due to a communication error or similar. They can not tell a bad input (sensor) from a bad module at these test points.
Since the fault codes reported are often (if not always) erroneous, the OP will be interested in the fact that 'most' of the ABS BRAKE DSC trifecta repairs consist of the following (trivial) tests & procedures:

1. Take ten minutes to test the four wheel speed sensors from the engine bay using a 'good' DMM (the Fluke 75 is known to work well).

2. If any are bad, test again at the wheel; if still bad, then replace the errant wheel speed sensor.

3. If all four wheel speed sensors test good, then some people test by running a hair dryer on the ABS control module in the garage and/or spraying freeze spray, to cause the trifecta to appear and disappear at will (because the steel wire lifts ever so slightly off the gold bondpad with temperature changes).

4. Some people even open up the ABS control module and use a magnetized needle to test the steel power wires for connection to their gold bondpad.

5. Either way, the solution is generally to send the ABS control module out to the rebuilders for 'repair'. If you do go that route, PLEASE contact the rebuilders when your particular ABS control module is on their test jig and ASK them what they found wrong.

We're trying to collect that anecdotal evidence (which appears, to me, to contain mostly lies from the rebuilders) over in the canonical ABS DSC BRAKE trifecta thread.

More details that you could possibly ask for are in this thread:
Note: Read the whole thread - not just that single post #48.

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