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Originally Posted by BimmerMun View Post
I don't have mine yet, so my comments are officially hearsay. It's my understanding that the driver is only warned (on both the center screen and the heads up display) if the real-time image recognition decides that what it's seeing is a human in the road or someone on a bicycle.

Hmm, it sounds to me as if the wizards at BMW don't feel that a deer, bear, dog, coyote, or any other kind of critter is a concern to their drivers. Perhaps a little less artificial intelligence might be useful. For example, Is something in the road? Yes - warn the driver! Isn't it that simple?
There is more emphasis on pedestrians in Europe simply because there's a lot more of them especially in the urban centres. In America everyone drives around but in Europe, there's a lot of walking down in towns and cities and given the narrower roads and limited visibility, pedestrian accidents are a big deal there. Same reasoning behind Euro NCAP pedestrian crash requirements and hence the Active hood/bonnet on the F10.
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