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Originally Posted by DogFather View Post

I'm sorry I can't do a better job of describing this to you, but trust me when I say that if I can do it, it must not be very difficult. Just make sure you remember how everything fits back together before you take it apart. In the picture above, they didn't even have to remove the dial like I did. Those arms will just slip off of their connecting pins (at the "shoulder") but I wasn't smart enough to figure that out!

I just went through this on my 98 Z3 2.8. The RED arm goes all the way through the translucent and green arms and has tabs that hold the three arms together. You have to separate the white housing from the black control knob section to get to these tabs. If you do that, the top (red) and middle (translucent/white) arms will come free and then you can do the necessary work on the broken arm.

I lost the spring loaded catch on my temperature gauge in the process. It is down in the center console somewhere now... Oh well, at least I can go from cold to warm to hot, rather than cold/hot.

Thanks for the detailed posts and pictures here, this thread is a life saver!

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