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Originally Posted by Nordic_Kat View Post

328i auto! I have one! What's so interesting? Just "set-it-and-forget-it." How do you manage coming up to STOP signs? Creepy feeling, isn't it? Put a restraining device on your left foot. Keep your right hand OFF the shift knob (I bet you didn't).

I can't wait until this 27 mo. lease is over (only 24 months to go). BACK TO A STICK!
(and CA)
I just found it very interesting that for being siblings, the cabrio and sedan feel like very different cars. Part of it is the higher ground clearance of the E90 combined with the more open interior. The E93 cockpit is truly like being in a little cocoon.

The MT vs AT thing has been done to death, but it was interesting to actually experience it. We have these things called "Texas Turnarounds". They are inside lanes that allow one to do a 180 underneath the freeway on the access roads without going through the traffic lights at the intersection. I have to do one of these to get to work in the morning. In the MT cabrio, I love it, because I usually have the top down so I have noticeable exhaust notes and I can pin myself back into the seat rowing through 1st to 3rd hitting 60 mph before I let up.

Never once, in the MT have I had to go WOT to pin myself to the seat. This morning I had the throttle floored and didn't achieve the same thrill. Of course, I burned through an additional gallon of gas in the process, but hey - cheap thrills, or not.

I also now realized how truly wonderful is the Sun Reflective Technology leather put in the cabrio. This afternoon when I got in the loaner to take it back the dash thermometer read 104F. The loaner car was TiAg with gray leather. As I slid into the seat, my bare leg met the leather and I yelped! I truly expected to have burn marks on the back of my legs.

The seats in the cabrio get warm, but I've never, ever felt like I needed to visit the burn unit even after the car has been sitting closed up all day. SRT is truly an incredible innovation.

I never got a chance to experience the DS mode. I quite honestly didn't have or take the time to figure it out. The first thing I had to do when I got the loaner was correct the low tire TPMS warning. I did learn to keep my hand off the shifter with its metal covering. Talk about 2nd degree burns! I'll get a second chance at a loaner in another week or so when they get the parts in to fix my top. Next time I'll be ready to test the DS mode.
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