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I like to share my experience with Windshield Waterpump replacement

The fluid from my windshield tank was leaking. I tried looking under the hood, didn't find any obvious leaks. Seemed more like it just disappeared.

So, I searched through the forums and lot of them had succcess with replacement of either the grommet (little strainer) or the windshield pump or both. And many recommended Autozone. I picked a pump from Autozone for $22 (it had no strainer). I tried to install it but the electric plug socket did not match with the old one. The Car's electrical wiring had 2 parallel pins, while the autozone one has the pins at 90 degree angle. I was thinking of connecting the blue/red/black/brown from the main line, but felt that was too much of work. So, I returned it back to Autozone. This was kind of surprising since many of the folks here used the one from autozone. May be autozone changed their design. I asked them, and they carried only one for my 330i 2001.

I ordered one from site and the pump ($20) was an identical match to my original including the electrical plug section. The electrical plug-in was a piece of cake. Also ordered the OEM grommet for $4. Am a first time buyer at PelicanParts, which is an awesome site, highly recommend it. They literally shipped it within few hours of the order after I picked the slowest/cheapest possible shipping option :-)

After inspecting the old pump, I saw a hole at the edge of the bottom part. Saw signs of some leak. Maybe that was the culprit.

My car is happy now, can clean well after itself

Again, I love the Bimmerfest website. I learnt much, saved much. Great people very helpful. Awesome.

# E46 2001 330i 5-speed Manual
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