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Quotes from InsideLine's review of the 4S below.

These quotes tell you why this 93K car (actually 113K as tested) is worth every penny if you have the means. As good as the F10 is, you just don't find quotes like these in F10 reviews. As I've said before, Porsche does demand you pony up if you want in, but if you do you get in at a higher level of engineering and excellence. That house in the Hamptons might cost more than one in most other neighborhoods - but the Porsche does deliver, its performance is in the major league. To quote the great Ferris Bueller himself - "It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."

"This car lit up our test track, hitting 60 mph in 4.6 seconds (4.3 with 1 foot of rollout like on a drag strip) and blitzing the quarter-mile in 12.9 seconds at 105 mph. This is astonishing acceleration considering the Panamera 4S weighs 4,237 pounds and packs only 400 hp. In this class, performance in the low 4s and high 12s has been the exclusive domain of the 500-plus-hp club, which includes the BMW M5, Cadillac CTS-V and Mercedes E63 AMG.

"The Panamera 4S also circles our skid pad at an incredible 0.96g, sprints through our slalom at 68.4 mph and stops from 60 mph in just 109 feet. With the exception of the Panamera's awesome skid pad number, which is simply light-years ahead of anything else on the planet with four doors, only the last BMW M5 we tested can match or come close to the Porsche's test numbers. This might give the impression that an M5 could keep up with the Panamera 4S on a mountain road. Well, it can't. And neither can any other four-door you can think of, including anything else with AMG or M on its deck lid."

"Our seat-of-the-pants impressions under the influence of this Porsche's incredible lateral grip tells us that the Panamera 4S will smoke them all on a real road out in the real world. And if it can't, then its big brother, the 500-hp Panamera Turbo, will."

"How can we be so sure? Because we've driven this Panamera 4S hard through the Santa Monica Mountains, a place even big, high-performance sedans face with dread. We ran our usual route, including Piuma, Stunt and Mulholland. We even ran it with wife and kids aboard to get the full sedan experience. Trust us: This is one of the fastest cars in the world when you're in a real-world setting."

"It's hard to believe we're saying this about a sedan that measures 195.6 inches overall and weighs more than 2 tons, but the facts are the facts. And the Panamera's balance (the weight distribution is 53.4 percent front/46.6 percent rear), massive 20-inch Michelin PS2s and all-wheel drive take its cornering speeds to levels once reserved for all-out supercars like the Audi R8, Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 Turbo. Notes taken after the drive read, "No sedan out there will hang with it in the tight stuff."

"But that awesome speed isn't the Panamera's most impressive performance feature. Instead it's the ease in which it allows you to reach and sustain those speeds that gets you. This car is easier to drive at 9/10ths of its ability than a BMW M5 is to drive at 7/10ths of its ability. It's so composed, so not scary at extreme velocity, that backing off is always a matter of choice, not fear."

"But you won't, because the Panamera 4S is just too fun and too easy to drive way too fast. Instead you'll keep the pace up and enjoy the Porsche's crisp, intuitive steering action, its incredible brakes, its surprisingly good visibility (the big space between the mirror and the A-pillar is there for a reason) and the way its air suspension (even in the stiffest Sport Plus setting) soaks up midcorner bumps better than any car you've ever driven.

You'll keep the pace up just to marvel at the way the Panamera feels half its size and weight in the hills; only when you get it into a tight parking lot do you remember how big it really is."

"And it's just as good in the city. Down on the boulevard and the superslab, the Panamera 4S is a luxury sedan - the real deal. Oh, it's always sporty for sure, but it's never harsh, crude or crass."

"This car feels like a $113,000 car had better feel. Solid. Serious. And special."

"In the stop-and-go of the city, the Panamera's interior helps justify that price tag. There's simply no denying its artistic appeal, including its four well-shaped bucket seats, its abundance of real aluminum trim and the long console that runs the length of the interior. And the Panamera really does have a cavernous rear seat and cargo area."

"Sure, there are a few too many buttons in here to skip reading the owner's manual, but the Porsche's interior sets a new standard for design, fit and finish, and tactile excellence. And if you doubt these words you simply haven't felt the Panamera's shifter or steering wheel within your own two hands. This is as good as cars get, and we want a bronze bust of the guy who decided to keep the tach front and center on the instrument panel just as it is on a 911. Thank you, whoever you are."

"Porsche has left no details unchecked, and the result is a car that does it all better than most cars can do anything. It even rides well, which is an incredible engineering accomplishment considering its handling ability."
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