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I just got a 2010 GT, dealers demo. Sport and comfort package. It is fantastic replacement for my previous 2005 BWM 530i. If there was a perfect car for me, this is it, and I think the "general enthusiast public" takes few years to get used to the concept, understand the feature, value and benefits. Like E60's, the sales were doing so well for first few years because of the new look, but ended up being most selling 5 series of all time. I have considered Audi Q5, non-GT 535, X5 and X3. After test driving them all over and over (over period of 6 months), and finally deciding that X5d and X3 SUV feel was not for me, and 535 price tag/storage ratio compare to GT (sounds crazy, I know) it came down between Q5 and GT. Surprisingly, Audi Q5 drove more like a car and less like SUV, it was not easy decision as far as deciding what I like better. What won me over is how well BMW treated us since my wife got a 335 coupe few years ago, and that I was treated just the same with 530 which I did not buy new, did not buy from this dealer to include that they knew I bought the auctioned 530 after small fender bender and did all repairs myself. In fact, they admired that I learned enough to make repairs under garage conditions using OEM BMW parts I could scrounge around. During my last 70k service, they even got me a mechanic to talk to about a slow transmission leak I was developing and how to fix it if I wanted to do it myself. I didn't, but the fact that they respected all BMW customers resonates with me further engrains brand loyalty in to my blood. Heck, they they thought nothing of the trailer hitch I installed in order to mount my bike rack.
I am devoted cyclist, and the fact that I can fit my few thousand dollar road bike in full assembly in the back is great. The mileage 535 GT is great, it made more sense to continue on with GT instead of straight 5. Then there was the updated technology, the multi-contoured seats that really help alleviate back problems after longer drives, the interior space, the quality of all internal trim that fits so tight together and balanced blend of sport/luxury with in my opinion most practical car you can guy has sealed the deal. Then the look - car has so much character inside and out. Again, it is a fantastic car and I would recommend it to anyone...
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