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Originally Posted by DennisCooper! View Post

I will post up some of my pics and background for my car on this thread soon! some of you already know me and the car anyway

When I first got my car, it had orange indicator facelift Hellas for the headlamps and being an 03, Celis orange indicator topped rears. UK tastes are for clears and I couldn't wait to change them! The headlamps were changed first and I put the orange ones up on ebay and they sold within 20 minutes to an enthusiast in New York! I then sorted out a very very good friend in LA with the rear Amber celis to put on his rather famous (in modified circles!) widebody Touring. I've just recently sold another set of Amber rears to another US enthusiast as well! leading from that, I now want the USA way of the rear lights to work!! and you guys want the Euro way for them to work! I'm sure there is a way of getting this achieved without having to resort to programming, but it may well turn out that coding is the only way to do it.

4haulin dogs - I'm sure I can easily get you a set of the 'early' non celis orange top rear touring lenses - whenever those come up on UK ebay, they're cheap as no one really wants them. I don't mind picking a set up and sending across to you, and even to the extent as they'd be so cheap, perhaps have two sets as then you can fiddle around with one for testing etc.

Cheers, Dennis!
Thanks for the heads up again Dennis, keep us posted on the info you find. Sort of funny how everyoned over here wants what you guys have and visa versa.

Thanks Again, Jay.
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