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Originally Posted by leanofpeak View Post
I am between the two cars myself. i think what has Brett and me thinking is the fact that when we option up a 4S, we usually wind up with a ~$107,000 car. A heavier optioned 550xi goes for ~$75,000. Thats over $30K more! not entirely worth it imo, but still hard to pass up.

lease difference is ~$1500 vs ~$900.

so even though we want the 4S, we cannot justify the added cost, thus the flip flopping and wanking.

we love it that you guys are here to slap us around and keep our senses intact...

in the end the 550xi is the better value and will fulfill the same duties. if i want to go really fast or turn super hard i go to the track in my gt3. the sedan is for running the kids around and getting groceries and and laying down rub around town with 500 dinan assisted ponies.
The F10 5 series has become an all-arounder, and this has been done on purpose to serve many people. It's just good business practice. You lose a few hard core guys but gain a massive amount of new support from people who now see the 5 as a go anywhere, do anything car.

From what I've read - mind you I have NOT test driven one yet - it seems the F10 does many things well, but perhaps nothing 'great'. The fact that I can have a 500 hp (Dinan S1), AWD, 4 door, year round luxury sport sedan - for < $70k - fills just about every need for me (except the utility of a pick up truck!). We all need to make sacrifices...somewhere. I'd love to have a pickup, an SUV, a Lotus, an M3, a 550 and a 750 but that's not going to happen.

I loved my E60 550i very much, but it left me needing a second vehicle in the winter. Not the case anymore. If that means a bit of a sacrifice in handling, no problem. Put it all into perspective, the perfect car is not out there.

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