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i just posted this on a new thread about my rough idle that i had, but thought i would post it here as well due to my tip-in issue has been completely resolved. not sure if this could be related but thought i would at least throw it out there:

"So I have been having the issue of a "rough idle" at times when i first started my 535i. I also noticed it at times when sitting a complete stop even after the car has been "warmed" up for a while. a few posts mentioned a bad fuel sensor as a possible issue and a few members had their's replaced i believe...

so i thought mine could be the same, so after taking it in last week, they actually found that i had a bad "coolant temperature sensor" on the engine...this was the first that my dealer had seen of this issue and actually the first that BMWNA had SA said that they actually had to argue with BMWNA as BMWNA kept telling my SA that the new F10 didnt have an "engine temperature sensor", after the technican took a picture of the bad part that he was holding in his hand did BMWNA believe him and send him the new part??? (yea i know how that sounds, but hey, that is what the SA said) dealer isnt 100% certain if this is going to fix the rough idle and told me to watch it for a few days.

at least after 4 days, it seems to be working and it hasnt had a rough idle at startup nor rough idle at a stop...
here is the following notes on my ticket

"faulty coolant temperature sensor. FC: 10AA20 DC: D1150 0000000 07 001 Interogated Faults. Found fault stored in DME for engine temp sensor too high at cold start. entered into test plan checked wiring from DME to engine coolant temp sensor ok. removed and replaced coolant temp sensor. road tested OK

Part Number 13-62-1-433-076 Description: Temperature Sensor"

i will say one thing and i will post this under my "tip in and acceleration issue fixed thread" as weird as this sounds, i have actually noticed that this has drastically changed the response of the car. not sure how or why, but the car is extremely responsive. I had the software patch applied a couple of months ago to fix the "tip in" issue which corrected about 90% of that initial issue, for some reason, this new sensor has completely addressed the "tip in" problem too. my gas mileage has increased on avg 1.5 mpg and i am actually driving the car harder than i said, i know how crazy this sounds but i am telling you, it is a HUGE difference in this car. it drives soooo much better for some reason...

could this sensor play any role with the "tip-in" issue or did the shop apply new software to my car?? my SA did say that BMWNA had new software out that my car automatically received by being in the shop?? he didnt say what the software applied to...

thanks guys
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