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Thanks for all the support everyone! Care packages are great and the Soldiers love them since I always end up sharing. I appreciate all the time you take to prepare these packages. Thank you Wish I could spend more time on OT but I never have time to post. I still check it pretty often though.

Originally Posted by chivas View Post
before he gets swamped with PM's and emails, what can we NOT send? I would like to send a package to a random soldier (is it possible?) to show that we care and appreciate them.

There's a basic list of what not to send floating out there somewhere. Basically don't send any of the following items:

anything pr0n related or sexual in nature
religious propoganda
illegal weapons (i.e. double edged blades)

Most packages, including the ones I get, are inspected once they are opened so it's best not to send anything that will get the Soldier in trouble or embarrassed. Even sending condoms would raise a red flag... Yeah we live a sheltered life out here.
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