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Originally Posted by razzy530 View Post
LOL, I think they're secretly all BMW fans!!!
Who isn't secretly a BMW fan unless you own a BMW?

Originally Posted by Kief View Post
Sure BMW's quality has decreased, but that's not b/c BMWNA is finding cheaper labor, rather it's b/c our cars no longer have dipsticks, poorly designed HFPP, and RFTs!!!
Actually it is because of cheaper labor. That cheaper labor doesn't have the desire, skill or knowledge to perform the job correctly.

Originally Posted by bigjoe53 View Post
i really understand they are upset with the company and the actions they are going to take, but they should understand that we are not supporting bmw's actions we are just a group of car junkies that are getting together for the love and passion of our hobby.

i am happy that they did not ruin a great day.
You are correct. We are not supporting BMW's actions, but how many people knew what BMW was doing until they saw these people protesting? I am glad they did not ruin the day also, but glad they put the info out there for people to know what BMW is doing.

Originally Posted by Jon Shafer View Post
I found this that explains their plight a little better.
I read that and the same thing is happening to the company where I work. I work for a MAJOR US motorcycle manufacturer based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin .

I can tell you that the "temporary" workers that they are using are low paid, no pride in the company and are only there for a paycheck. They are hard to train and when they do get trained they either don't come back or quit because it wasn't the "gravy" job they thought it would be. We literally had a guy say "this job isn't for me, its too technical" after only 3 bikes, which amounts to 6 minutes of work. I can go on with more but I wont bore you.

Originally Posted by PhillyNate View Post
As a working union man I understand their situation. They got their message out there with minimal disruption to a wonderful event. No harm done. Actually, I noticed the banner aircraft more than those guys on the ground.
Jon, extremely nice meeting you coming in yesterday and thanks again for putting on such a wonderful event. See you next year.
As a working union man I understand their situation and appreciate your understanding and hope everyone would understand that BMW is playing with peoples lives in the US in a way that they would never do in Germany.

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet anyone from the boards. I am mostly a lurker and rarely post and it was a last minute decision to go to the show. Maybe next year I can plan accordingly.

Originally Posted by bimmerbrother1 View Post
After reading the article Jon posted. It's about keeping the money rotating in the same circle so the rich stay rich and there will be no other class. I work for the treasury and you start to learn and see things that don't make sense in any way on a daily basis. We will end up in a have and have not world if things continue this way.
You are correct. There will be the rich and the poor. There will be no middle class and its the middle class that spend the money on the new cars, HDTV's, Restaurants, Vacations, etc.

Originally Posted by copcarguyp71 View Post
TROLLS!!!! pure and simple. Yes, I am sorry you lost your job, I agree that sucks but perhaps you should be more angry at congress than at people who bought cars from the company WHILE you worked there and put food on your table. Seems like misplaced hostility to me. I refused to take any of their handouts.

Things are tough all with it.
What does congress care. They will always get their paycheck and health benefits paid for buy you, the taxpayer, until the day they die. They would only care about us if they would go through what we are going. Losing Jobs by outsourcing to cheaper countries with suspect labor laws, losing homes, paying for health insurance, some people just struggle to get by.

We are fortunate to not have to struggle, to have a BMW and a nice place to call home. But as bimmerbrother1 said " We will end up in a have and have not world if things continue this way."

Sorry for the rant, I enjoyed the Bimmerfest East.