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Originally Posted by swajames View Post
They all loved the way it drove though

It was the best car to drive in their three-way comparison test between the Panamera, the Quattroporte and the Rapide. Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder - and I won't argue that the Panamera doesn't trail the stunning Rapide - but performance is not, and here the Panamera prevailed. TG tested a Turbo, it would have been the same driving outcome had they tested an S/4S.

Depends on what you value. If you want the best driver's car, and if you can handle the higher cost of entry for the V8 models, there's nothing to touch a Panamera in the segment.
Totally agree. I don't doubt it's the best driver. If you can get past the looks, then it's probably a magnificent car to drive. That's why the Rapide would've been my choice - it is a balance...stunning looks completely offset the less-than-Porsche drive. This is why I say there is no perfect car.

The Panamera is like a girl who's no looker but is still relatively hard to get, and you scratch your head at that from time to time. However, you get to know her and she has this intoxicating and charming personality. You really, really want to get past her looks cause she's so much fun. Some guys would be able to, some guys wouldn't be able to.

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