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Originally Posted by solstice View Post
leanofpeak has a point. I'm in Europe and everyone I've asked loves everything about the Panamera even the Italians. And seeing it in beautiful settings as the Amalfi coast or historical areas as downtown Naples I can say that IMO it makes a powerful and upmarket statement that the F10 can't remotely match with it's classic understated but also a bit anonymous look.
My Italian partners in Florence, who are very talented designers, would agree with your statement. We often frequent this topic. Although the Panamera can be criticized for its derivative design and/or the rendering of specific design cues, overall, the Panamera possesses a serious, if not flamboyant presence. The BMW F10 550i and Panamera appeal to different market niches. (BTW - my Italian partners also share my enthusiasm for the the BMW 5GT.)
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