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Originally Posted by chelseafc View Post
Don't get defensive because everyone's hammering the look of your choice in vehicle. My taste is good design when I see it, has nothing to do with being American. Three British people (from Top Gear) despise the look of that thing. It transcends what country you're from. Porsche sells alot of Cayenne's and Panamera's, but that doesn't mean they're great looking vehicles. Also, I happen to love the CTS V Wagon and E61 M5.

I'm not going to get into an argument about this, I happen to think the Panamera is well engineered but aesthetically it is a disaster - a big hunchbacked orb. Then you have their 997 which is on the opposite end of the spectrum - a true masterpiece.
sorry didnt mean to come off defensive or imply you love fast food. do you?

i love cars. i love BMWs and Porsches especially. i would be infinitely happy in either of the two aforementioned vehicles. i am mostly just looking for a new flavor...i sold my e39 M5 and really just want to try something different though the new F10 is hard to pass up. just too much value.

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