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While I can respect a person's reasoning for pursuing employment within a "Union shop" what you need to realize is that the company is in the business of doing business and not catering to the Unions or their members. You have chosen to have a third party "collectively" bargain for you and the Unionized labor force at your place of employment. There will always be a "butting of heads" when you have a group ready to go on strike when outlandish demands, usually that further financially strap a business, are not met and violence ensues.

And I don't want hear it doesn't because I had it happen to me personally when I crossed a picket line here in 1994 at a local grocery store. It turned ugly when I emerged from the store, groceries in tow and began to load up a "foreign" car. A meat cutter approached to give me a tongue lashing and spit in my face. That was the last thing he did before I punched him in the throat damn near knocking him out. A produce Manager came to his rescue to get two fingers broken and two black eyes. I didn't start that fight but I sure the hell ended it. Arguments that the Unions are peace loving people are going to fall on deaf ears here so don't come with them, please.

At least these Teamsters didn't get rowdy at Bimmerfest. From taking a second look at the photos their might have been more broken hips and eyeglasses than anything.

I wouldn't have a problem with the strikes if it weren't for the violence. This country was founded on dissension, freedom, and liberty. Strikes are not about any of that. They are a formal show of force for nothing more than intimidation, plain and simple. The Teamsters could have conveyed the same message with a few people peacefully presenting their case. Instead they show up with vulgar tee shirts and banners then have a plane flying a banner overhead. Who is funding all of this????

The other problem I have with the Strike is that these Union workers will stand in front of the employer picketing about "working conditions", "substandard pay", or "lack of benefits". They will say the ugliest and nastiest things about THEIR OWN employer and then when the contract is negotiated they will go right back to work for the employer they detest so much. Hypocrisy appears to have become an American trait. For the love of Christ if the job is that bad do like the rest of us do - GO GET A DIFFERENT JOB or better yet - CREATE YOUR OWN JOB and become an employer seeing first hand how difficult it can be at times to deal with employees.