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Driving in Europe has opened my eyes to US insanity

I just drove up and down I-5 from LA to SF this weekend and I can't believe the nation of lazy inconsiderate drivers all american's are becoming. Sure, I am used to the left lane hogs cruise controlled at the limit totally oblivious to any one behind them but it seems now that everyone is doing this. The right lane is for the 18 wheelers and RVs and old beat up trucks going steadily around the limit and the left lane is for all others forming a train going just barely above the limit. It used to be old men and mostly women( I know but it's true) but now it's dudes in their SUV's mindless plodding along. The only way to jump the train is to pass between openings in the right lane between the 18 wheelers and to make it worse these mindless drones all of a sudden decide to speed up and close the gaps so you can't go faster than them. Thank god for the mightly torque of the X5 35d which quickly gets you up to speed so you can pass them before they pull this move. Why can't we all use the left lane to pass and then get the f out of the way to let faster traffic through. In europe, on narrower roads and with same or more traffic, things move a heck of a lot faster and in much more safer fashion. One more rant, trucks hopping each other in the middle of this traffic so they can draft is really too dangerous. They should be restricted to 100kmh/60mph just like europe. it will be safer for us all and they will also save fuel. And no open truck beds with stuff that flies out which become dangerous flying debris. My dad almost died last year when a piece of metal flew out from a truck in front and hit his car on top of the grill. If it was only couple inches higher, it would had cracked his windshield and possilby killed him directly if not indirectly from an accident.
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