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Originally Posted by 3ismagic# View Post
My personal pet peeve are the a-holes who know there is an imminent lane merge coming and yet wait until the last possible second to merge and then try to force themselves into line. This causes more disruption to the flow of traffic and slows everyone down as everyone has to jam on the breaks. All so they can get some small smidgen of perceived advantage.
This is my biggest pet peeve. I go out of my way to cut these drivers off, which drives my wife batty.

I was actually pretty impressed driving back from Dallas last week, when I20 went down to 1 lane in Mississippi and everyone merged politely hundreds of yards before the lane ended. Everyone that is, except for one a-hole that tried to slip by, only to have a country boy in a jacked up pickup cut him off (maybe 10 cars behind me). It was amazing; traffic didn't stop, or jut a bunch, just slowed down a little and everyone moved on. First time I've ever seen a merge go well in the US.
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