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I have to struggle most days to 'let go' and accept things I cannot change. Deep breaths, etc. All the same my blood pressure suffers when I see combination turn and lane-change maneuvers.

Here in metro Phoenix most of the navigable land is covered by a 1 mile grid of 6-lane (3 each direction) major roads with traffic lights at each junction between those E-W and N-S grid roads. In any rational world someone turning right from the right-most lane would turn into the right-most lane of the road they are turning into. Similarly, anyone turning left would normally enter the junction and exit in the left-most lane of the road they are turning into. Such a common sense activity would allow drivers to turn right into a road while the opposing traffic is turning left into the same road and double the throughput of the junction.

Instead, many folks careen through the junction with one hand on the steering wheel and the other clutching a cellphone, a drink, a doughnut, makeup, or all juggling all four. Not having a fully rotating wrist joint they cannot turn the wheel sufficiently to make the turn and they combine a simple left or right turn with a wild drift across all lanes of their route and anyone creeping through making a controlled turn is in danger of getting side-swiped.

And while I am foaming at the mouth:....

We don't get much rain in these parts so curbs don't get the same natural washing that curbs elsewhere get. That will skew my following observation. I am shocked - SHOCKED - by the state of the curbs here. There isn't more than a 5yd stretch in all the Phoenix area which isn't scuffed with a black tire mark where some idiot has collided with the curb and been bounced back into traffic, usually with a huge over correction and lane swerve. This is even at the mid-point of a 1 mile arrow-straight road. How can anyone be so bad a driver that they collide with a curb at speed on a perfectly straight road??? Perhaps an accident every decade or so, but collectively the Phoenix drivers maintain a pretty uniform black color on all the curbs on all the roads all the time.

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