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Can I get an Amen. I made several observations regarding German versus American driving after our recent trip. The behavior of German drivers seemed logical and predictable, just the opposite of U.S. drivers. After spending many hours contemplating the subject I think traffic laws are likey huge contributors to such behaviors. For example it seemed like the speed limits in Germany changed WAY more frequently than in the U.S. I rarely felt the urge to exceed the speed limit in Germany because it was appropriate for the situation. As many of you know there are areas were the speed limit is electronic and changes with the current conditions. OMG that really makes sense if saftey and efficiency is your goal. Compare to the U.S where a 60 mile stretch of I85 between Charlotte and Spartanburg the speed limit only changes 3 or 4 times irrespective of the conditions. The result is drivers feel an urge to speed and most speeders prefer to "hide" from the police in the right lane. Try this experiment. On a 3 lane highway with light traffic sit in the middle lane at 5 mph over the speed limit. My observation is that 75 % of cars that pass will do so to the right even if the left lane is wide open. Thus there is no way to predict with any reliability what other drivers will do. Of course this will never change in our country because enforcing traffic laws no matter how foolish generates alot of income for alot of different people. Such is life in the U.S.A.
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