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Kudos for starting this thread!! I'm off on my ED adventure next month and have been sooo looking forward to sharing the road with drivers that actually 'get' what it means to share the road.

Originally Posted by PaceBMW of Mamaroneck View Post
im not sure if its that most drivers dont know or just dont care. commuting i routinely have to pass people on the right cause the left 2 lanes are in use by a honda and an altima both going exactly 65 right next to eachother. the worst is when you have 3 lanes of traffic, and 3 cars all next to eachother at matching speeds. so frustrating
You nailed it... Accords, Camrys, Altimas, Civics, Corollas and... worst of all -- the F*$#ing PRIUS! Of course, statistically, the reason why these are the most frequent offenders is because they're some of the most widely sold cars in the country. So the odds of one clogging up a lane in front of you are exponentially greater. Additionally, people who buy these cars are buying an "appliance" not a "driver's car". They're no more thrilled about driving than they are about making toast.

Originally Posted by L1Trauma View Post
I blame it all on Suburbans, Tahoes and Yukon XLs driven by short people with no passengers. They are my road enemies.
LOL! Must just be your state. Here it's the offenders I listed above (predominately the PRIUS in my neck of the woods -- hypermiling in the fast lane. WTF? )

Originally Posted by tonmonde View Post
oh and the carpool drivers going slower than the regular lane drivers...
they make a caravan of cars trapped a mile long in the carpool lane behind, when the regular lane cars are going 70-80.
they feel they are in the right because they are within the speed limit 65... but come on, ever heard of flow of traffic? oh and they never exit on the carpool for the mile long caravan behind them, and it causes a mad drag race whenever an carpool exit comes around.
EXACTLY! I think this moves to the top of my list of pet peeves. And it's usually a Prius with one driver and no passengers -- they get the special HOV exception so they can drive in the carpool lane. Grrrrr!
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