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When I was driving to my hair dresser (she lives almost 24 miles away), the gas tank lit up. I hadn't bought gas in over 2 weeks since I bought the car and was trying to get down to a 1/8 tank to figure out the mpg since I thought the more gas used in the calculation, the more accurate it would be. But I should have filled my tank at 1/4 full. I think for now on, I am not letting the tank fall below 1/2 since it was scary not knowing where a gas station was on the way there so I could not look or I would have been late. Then I had to follow her directions to find a gas station since I left my Garmin home (feeling I knew the way to my hair dresser by heart so why would I need it) and I was down to 8 miles left until I needed gas! I had to go on that road with construction which bothered me since I could not take a chance on running out and then it also cost me $4.07 9/10 a gallon! I have not bought premium gas in 8.25 years so I was shocked that it cost $52 to fill my tank. Then after seeing how when I was driving it started to tell me how many miles per gallon I was using on the highway, I was wishing I had the idrive system to check on the gas left, the mpg on the average I was using and other features and to always have NAV at hand since I get lost a lot.

I guess I will keep the Garmin locked in my trunk at all times in case I need it and read the manual to learn how to figure out these miles per gallon features without the idrive.

Thanks for the link but since I already bought the bean bag mat (my 2nd mat since the first one kept sliding all the slanted dash) and the $299 Garmin 2460 LMT, I will just learn to keep it in the car. I always am afraid that a portable one with brackets left in the car will have me robbed versus a Nav in the dash will not be robbed. But maybe I am wrong?
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