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2002 air conditioning

I am doing a complete restoration on a 75 02 that had the dealer installed air on it, after doing some research I am not going to put it back in the car. The old York compressors vibrate a lot, I found worn bolts, stripped threads and cracked mounts, using the old R12 freon with R134a, the only thing you can use now, the head pressures are higher = MORE VIBRATION . So you would need to use a modern rotary compressor and make a mount for it , then the next problem R134a is not as efferent as R12 was so you need a bigger evaporator and condenser, there is no room in front on the 2002's radiator to install a larger condenser than the one it had ,which is about 1/3 the size of a new car using R134a. So after you would spend all the cash to try and change things around and with all the glass the 2002 has I don't think it would be worth the results which would not be as good as when the air was installed in 1975 and not even close to a late model cars air. What do you think?

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