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Several days now since my s/w update and all is still good.

For reference, my car is a September build 535 with x-Drive, non-sport and non-SAT.

The following information was on my workorder. However, I think this data describes the state/version of the car before the tech test drove the car to duplicate the problem, and does NOT describe the fix. Read all the way down for more.

SIB 12 09 11
00-00-556(2) 61-00-730(4) 10-42-03-71-00DL

Here are the changes since the update: 1. Hesitation gone at all speeds and no more feeling like the brake hold feature is activated starting from a dead stop 2. Marginally quicker gear changes (up and down) 3. Minor enhancements to I-drive menu items in main menu. 4. Brighter and distinctly "amber" blind spot triangles (my wife thinks I'm crazy -- says they have always been that way) 5. Startup (warm/cold) RPMs oscillate between 800-1200 for 15 seconds or so. I don't like this characteristic, but I believe it was most likely engineered intentionally to induce faster warm-up and reduce emissions.

Another discovery: if you press and hold the trip mileage reset button on the IP for 15-20 seconds, it will give you a menu with four choices, the first is "01 Identification" This menu is in a very small shaded font, and there is line after line of information (screen after screen you have to toggle thru with the button) that is meaningless to me, but I believe identifies every characteristic of the car. It will be very difficult for me to photograph this, except at night -- IP lighting on, and hoping I have the right focus. Other menu items include "02 System test", "03 Test end" and "04 Unlock", but I wasn't going any further with any of this! The car must be running, not just powered up with electrical, and the only way to exit the menu is to shut the car off. This is interesting but somewhat useless unless you have reference points: (1) do all these #s mean what we think they mean, i.e are they software versions? If so, there are a lot of them, and what systems or subsystems specifically do they relate to? (2) do cars with different optional equipment or performance packages have different software versions -- some shared and some not? Well, useful or not. Here is what I found under "identification":

SWFL 1 08 00 00 07 65 01 1A 00
SWFL 2 08 00 00 07 66 01 1A 00
SWFL 3 08 00 00 03 C3 04 15 01
SWFL 4 08 00 00 07 69 01 08 08
SWFL 5 08 00 00 12 AA 01 03 00
SWFL 6 07 00 00 07 64 01 00 30
Following are these, as part of the "identification" menu, with similar numbers that I won't replicate here.

HW index
Conv. Index

I don't know I'd any of this will help at all, nor do I have a sense if one week from today, the car's behavior will remain good. Good luck!

Now the agonizing wait continues for my wife's new Volvo XC60 T6 that is still on a truck somewhere after a full week enroute from port in Baltimore. Another new car to learn!
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