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Originally Posted by Erregend View Post
BMW CA is pretty smart. In your situation, it is possible that someone could
unlock and enter your car if your FOB is in range, but to START the car, the
FOB must be inside the car.
Simple experiments show that MY car will not unlock if the FOB is over
about 6 feet from the car in any direction. (I did not test how far below the
car it must be .)

[The "FOB repeater" in the quoted article might actually work to get into and start the car.]
A fob is a small ornament attached to a watch or key ring, to make it easier to identify or manipulate.
A FOB is a Forward Operating Base, generally full of military personnel and things that go boom.
Either one can open your car.
One might not leave it driveable afterward.

Just sayin'.

(No, it does not mean "frequency-operated button;" that is a contorted back-formation set forth by ignorant technorati unaware that the word and its meaning existed for centuries before cars.)
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