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Originally Posted by doru View Post

Maybe I should not have bedded these in? After I started this post, by the time I received the Jurids, the brakes started to...brake. Or maybe I started getting used to them? Anyways, as time passed, it seemed they started to work better, and although I was compelled to change them with the Jurids, every time I went in the garage with the strong decision to change them, the clean rims stopped me every time. Now, it's been over a year, went through a winter and 2 summers, and when I did the suspension work not too long ago, I noticed that the rotors and the pads are almost like new. Hmmm. What I mean is, a new set of rotors have some sort of criss-cross "brushing" on them when new, then this texture is gone pretty quick once the rotors are installed, and after another while some sort of concentric grooves start forming on the now shiny rotor surfaces. The "brushed" texture is still visible on my Zimmermans, just started to fade. And no concentric grooves.
So, as I said, maybe I started to get the "hang" of these pads? Or maybe when I bedded them in I glazed them, and it took a while to wear it off? I don't know. During this period of time since I posted I had to do some hard braking, and they worked. With the exception of that funky week when the pads did not hold very well, and the strange episode that literally shocked me.
In all honesty they are OK, but not as good as the Jurid. You still need to press harder the brake pedal. But the clean rims, they just plaster a smile on your face every time you look at your car. And this is every day...
Interesting, I told a friend who was considering the Akebonos for his Mini Cooper because of the serious brake dust he gets from the OEM Textars.

I said "NOOOO" stay away because of your review in cold weather and mainly because he has a kid too.

As you know I've been on/off these forums but just noticed your signature and wondered why after recalling your review back then.

Well he went with Textars. Those silver rims look black all the time.

Wait till I tell him it was a false alarm! But I personally prefer semi-metallic over ceramic since I clean my car once/twice a month anyway.

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