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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
Gotta admit, Audi's making gains - I like the LED's. MMI. Comfort level.

But can it Hoon like a BMW?
What the heck is hoon?!

No seller's remorese. I'm keeping the E90. I do love it. I just want something that I can take a road trip in. Honestly that 'disconnected' calm quiet drive is something I enjoy....and when I feel like a little excitement, I have the 3er for that.

LOL, my post on 'the other forum' was moved... Those fanboi kids sure get insecure when someone isn't fawning over their 2nd hand

BTW, completing an order today for black rims fitted with contipro SSRs and TPMS for my current baby! (TireRack)
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