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USPS Fail:

On 8/27, the USPS website reports your package is out for delivery. 'Course it never arrived. Asked the mail carrier if he was SURE he didn't have anything for me. He checked and had nothing. His reply to my comment that the package was out for delivery: "Maybe Monday!"

Later that day, the USPS website reports a delivery attempt has been made and notice left. Double checked the mail box and door; no notice. Wonderful!

Then today, the package magically does arrive in the mail, making me wonder who knows more about the whereabouts: the fancy website or the mail guy! I'm curious what the USPS website will update to later today.

Only a government grant can keep these guys in business! How can you provide a tracking number with a parcel and when the customer inquires where it is, the reply is... "Uhmm...well, it looks like we tried to deliver it, I am not sure." :Facepalm:
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