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Originally Posted by boilers93 View Post
Why would he have any claim under Indiana lemon laws? The OP doesn't have any nexus whatsoever with Indiana.

More importantly, why does anyone think that lemon laws would have any relationship to this situation whatsoever? First of all, most lemon laws deal only with the sale of new cars. Second of all, lemon laws generally are for situations where a car has repeated problems that a dealer cannot (or does not) fix. That is not the case here.

The issues here are fairly simple to me. Is the diagnosis by the Minnetonka BMW service center accurate? If so, did Suntrup know about the problem when they sold it to you? I don't know what your contracts say, but my guess is that if Suntrup did not know about the problem, they had no duty to fix it. And if the CPO or original warranty doesn't cover the problem, the cost for the fix is on you.

If it were me, I would be spending my time trying to convince the Minnetonka BMW service advisor that his initial diagnosis of mice was probably not correct and that it probably was caused by some event that would be covered under the original warranty. I would also let him know how grateful you would be if that were the case and how you would never consider going anywhere else for service work (either warranty or non-warranty) should they be able to resolve it that way.
This one pretty much sums it up. I have no idea why anyone even mentioned Lemon laws in the first place. They wouldn't apply when the damage is from a mouse, much like you can't lemon a car that's been flooded in a hurricane just because it keeps acting up...
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