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How the heck can the SA tell if it was a mouse, or anything for that matter, that chewed the wire? If he's checking from underneath the car, looking up, is it incorrect to think that there is no way he could see this? Picture this, the mouse is not hanging upside down chewing the wire more than likely, he would have to chew it from standing on top of the wire or wire harness, so the damage would be ON TOP. Again, there is no way the SA could see this from below. Furthermore, the SA specifically states that during the smoke test he found "the leak coming from the hose..." and then to what appears to me to throw in damaged wires. I'm not a mechanic, but common sense would lead me to believe that a leaking hose near the gas neck or fuel pump would cause the SES light to come on. Just sounds like an odd conclusion and reached very quickly with very little way for you to defend yourself. Did the SA take a picture? Can he show you the damaged wire?

Now, with THAT being said, if he does show you and it looks "chewed" or there is no way for you to confirm what happened, plead your case to BMW Corporate and ASK for a goodwill repair. Let your SA know you are going to do this and see if he/she will help you with the goodwill request. Lay the story down for them again and tell them you are a first time BMW owner, yada, yada, sob story, etc., HA, and hope they are in a good mood that day and accept/offer you a goodwill repair. Honda actually did this for me once on a used car that was OUT of warranty by about 3000 miles. It was a synchro issue which would have cost about the same as your being quoted for this wire repair.

Anyway, sorry to hear about your story, totally sucks when you are excited about your new purchase, and hope you get worked out. Good luck.

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