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Originally Posted by noho335 View Post
My 2 cents. I'm in the corporate branding business and Certified Pre-Owned BMW is supposed to mean something. If you go to the website the terminology BMW uses to sell the concept include: "One of the smartest purchases you can make," "...thoroughly inspected by a BMW-trained technician...," "...a comprehensive certification process that includes rigorous criteria and meticulously performed procedures." I'm having trouble seeing how this car made it through this "gauntlet of excellence" (my terminology.)

If a Certified Pre-Owned BMW is immediately throwing codes, requires multiple part replacements, and the manager of the dealership that sold it won't even return a phone call, my question for BMW is: What good is a Certified Pre-Owned BMW? Used car buyers have been getting this kind of treatment for decades. It seems to me BMW should work with the original dealer to make this right for the buyer, even if it means eating (pun intended) the wiring. Because this makes me question the value of the CPO concept. To be clear - I put this on the dealership, not BMW, but perhaps BMW NA needs to be the grownups here and make sure that their dealer stands up to the promises of their CPO product.
I think you are 99% correct, noho335. The 1% is that I think it falls on BMWNA, and not the dealer. BMW slapped CPO on it. That means something. If the dealer followed BMW's certification process, the burden shifts to BMWNA. That's the caveat, though. If the dealer knew about it, it falls on the dealer.

A suggestion to the OP - work with BMWNA and the dealer and stand your ground. Contact an attorney when all else fails. I am sure there will be at least one that will be willing to help.
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