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We have one. A non-S though. ..and an auto...

My wife really wanted a mini but we have a two year old and two dogs. We went to the dealership looking for a used clubman S however she fell in love with the countryman. We compromised and got the standard clubman. Sadly we traded in my roadster and I got my wife's IS250. The bright side, however, is that I now have permission to acquire a proper project car next summer. I'm thinking either old-school muscle or perhaps a VW Karmann Ghia.... but that's for another discussion...

Space-wise: it has more room on the interior than my IS250. I like the fold down rear seats but I wish they'd lay down completely flat (they slope up towards the front of the car approx. 20 degrees). I like the gizmos (disco LED's if you know the trick!), sat radio (standard), the manual feeling with the tranny (you can shift it like a manual... without the man-peddle.... ftl...), handling, etc.

The manual trannies that I test drove were very, very nice. Some of the smoothest gears I've laid my hands on. Props to Mini there!

Turbo'd cars are adequately powered. Non-S's, however, are underpowered for their size. The little 4-banger just isn't enough for it. The auto tranny wants to shift too much on hills (but it does have 6 gears to choose from so there's that).

MPG are pretty good under 75mph. Get over that and you loose quite a bit. When my wife drives it she averages 30-32 mpg. I usually get 27.

Couple of pics:

I've since put on black racing stripes on the hood. They're a must on these things. Without them it just doesn't look right. Most cars are the opposite but a mini needs stripes.

Also note that we have to have front plates in MD. We waited a good 6 weeks before I found a proper mount using the tow hook hole. Aftermarket parts are coming up but they're rare. One of the nice things, however, is a tow hitch attachment that uses the rear tow hook mounts. several companies have them now. That allows for a lot more cargo room for trips.

We've taken a 9 hour trip in it with my 2 year old, a black lab and a mini dachshund. Comfortable enough. Folded one of the rear seats down for the dogs and were able to put a larger suitcase behind my kid. Stuffed a bunch of other stuff under the "platform" in the trunk as well.

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