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Originally Posted by Evlengr View Post
Although I have covered this "ad nauseum" here we go again.

First as the original post says. Change the speaker. Agreed the originals are completely garbage and are worse than entry level Ford vehicles. The Alpine sps-400 fits perfectly, Boston Acoustic S45, and some of the Infinity Kappa reference series.

Buy an interface module like this:

You can keep the mid subs under the seat and just add power and tune the xover.

Add a low profile 10" sub in a closed cabinet.

The subs under the seats are 2 ohm.

Here's where I would start.

Speakers first, then see what you think. If not enough then continue with processor and amps, and finally 10" sub.

Pm me for more details.
Hi Evlengr,

Thanks for the response, but did you read my entire post?!
I'm not really wanting to settle for a basic speaker upgrade with rubbish Alpine coaxials! I would've left the standard head unit in - if I just wanted that!
I don't want a LOC, as I have already fitted an Alpine CDA-117E.
I also have an RE Audio XT1600.4 amp - already installed!
I don't want a low profile 10" sub, as I already have a high quality Rainbow Hammer in a 0.5 cu ft sealed enclosure - with a tuning close to the ideal Q of 0.7.
I'm aware I can keep the under-seat woofers, I am after advice on how people have integrated/ wired them with a 2 way split speaker upgrade up front.
Also curious how difficult it is to run new cables into the front doors!?

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