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I avoid ethanol for ethical reasons (per poolman's post) and technical reasons (per Jason5driver's post).

In Brazil, they make ethanol from sugar cane, which is much cheaper and has less of an impact on food supply (in the US, the rest of the corn not used for ethanol is converted into high fructose corn syrup, used instead of sugar in many things as sugar is subject to an import duty-free trade agreements don't exist). Their ethanol content is very high, and causes extensive damage to even ethanol-capable cars. Apparently if one requires a BMW Motorrad fuel supply part (remember BMW bikes are used extensively for off-roading), they ship 10, leave them soaking in Brazillian fuel for a week, and the parts that still function as advertised are then used.

The production of ethanol uses up more energy than it produces in our cars, and because that energy is Diesel or electricity, probably from a coal plant, it is absolutely not a "clean" fuel.
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