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Originally Posted by roger1205 View Post
I parked my brand new 1992 green 325is at walmart. Parked it way out in the lot away from everyone. Someone kicked the driver door with their foot. About a year later, same car, i came out to the parking lot at work and someone keyed the trunk lid. Reported it at work and was told about 19 others were keyed. They caught the kid who did the key job. She was 13. When asked why, she said her mom owrks at DMV and cant afford nice cars. Made her mad. Of course she got this from her mom who must have verbalized her hate for those that can afford at foreign car.

Our liberal ideology in CA is at fault. We have created a culture where it is okay to lust over anothers possessions when they should be more responsible for their own station in life. I was emancipated at 16. Worked full time while in high school. Put myself through college with 3 at night! I have no guilt for having worked my #$%& off to get what i have. I pay way too much in taxes and i refuse to hand out more. Thx for letting me vent. Short story long, people are jealous and lash out because they have no respect for u or how u got to where u r in life which allows u the luxury to have a nice car. Dont shop where they do. If u can afford a bmw, u can afford to shop at better stores. That is what they r thinking! Minimize your exposure.

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Kudos for taking matters into your own hands. If you listen to our current crop of politicians, they'll say you are a fluke. People can't improve their economic standing without big brother's help. Now the politicians in CA are wanting the taxpayers to pay the college tuition for illegal aliens. Call me crazy, but I thought the Golden State had some minor budget problems.

As for the comment about shopping venues, in my town, Wal-Mart is "the" store. Unless of course we drive 30 minutes to the big city, pop 230,000.
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