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Originally Posted by deafwish View Post
Hi Evlengr,

Thanks for the response, but did you read my entire post?!
I'm not really wanting to settle for a basic speaker upgrade with rubbish Alpine coaxials! I would've left the standard head unit in - if I just wanted that!
I don't want a LOC, as I have already fitted an Alpine CDA-117E.
I also have an RE Audio XT1600.4 amp - already installed!
I don't want a low profile 10" sub, as I already have a high quality Rainbow Hammer in a 0.5 cu ft sealed enclosure - with a tuning close to the ideal Q of 0.7.
I'm aware I can keep the under-seat woofers, I am after advice on how people have integrated/ wired them with a 2 way split speaker upgrade up front.
Also curious how difficult it is to run new cables into the front doors!?

First off, no need to run new cables into the doors. All the talk of zero oxygen cables and such is rubbish. And unless you plan on running cables 50 ft or more there is no benefit offered running expensive cable as the resistive load change is barely measurable at .001.

If you are looking for some real high grade speakers get the low profile MB Quartz or Focals.

Actually run a 3 way xover, but most people have no idea what I am talking about when I go there.

I ran:

20-180 Hz on sub my sub is set for .74 cu/f closed
200- 800 HZ on mid sub
800-20kHz on full range

The real pain was running a proper cable from H/U to the back. I used twisted pair on everything to avoid inductive coupling and everything is grounded to a 1 inch copper strap in back to avoid motor humm (there is none).

That help?
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