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Originally Posted by Palantirion View Post
As part of my shopping for a 540iT replacement I looked at the Cayenne. Decided the X3 35 was significantly better as an all around vehicle. I would go so far as to say that the X3 35 is the best vehicle BMW makes, in terms of being a leader within it's class. Remove the RFTs and use decent rubber like Porsche does and the X3 will easily out-handle a Cayenne.
I like to pick on BMW a lot because of their screwy policies and attitudes, but dump the RFT's and I would agree as well.

The only ones that really benefit from RFT's are the mfg as they no longer have to supply or accomodate a spare.

Just drove a 2011 328i with RFT 's the other day and after 30 miles I felt like I had taken a bunch of axe kicks to the back. Every bump was jarring and uncomfortable.

And it was faster to have the ticking lifters in my X3 reapired then it was to get a set of Conti A/S RFTs for my wife's mini cooper. Her car was out of commission for three days as a result of getting two tires slashed.

Unless your doing 100 mph + and have a blowout there isn't any redeeming qualities I can find for RFT's. However, I digress.

I love Porsches, but dollar for dollar you get more with the BMW.
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