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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post

The key things are:

1- The special 1/4" drive (not 3/8" drive) E14 socket
2- Wobble extension
3- Angle Grinder to make grooves on the Inner Race so the Bearing Separator can bite on it.
4- Bearing Separator (rent it, don't buy it).
5. The "AmPro" 36-mm socket, I happened to buy it a few years from Advance Autoparts for oil change, as it turned out, it was a life-saving tool when pressing the Outer Race from the Hub!

6- Spray the 36-mm nut with WD-40/PB Blaster etc. 3-4 days before doing the job.

So if you are a serious Saturday mechanic, you probably have all the tools already. All you need are additional items #1-5 above.
Thanks Cam, I'll start collecting these special items before I begin.

Strange that the torque is mentioned as only 30Nm with a 60deg twist. Typically, I see that only when a crush washer or something is involved (like a spark plug). Why not just specify a straight 60Nm instead of 30Nm with a twist unless there is something that moves during the final tightening.

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